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Looking for staff who have


Your staff are your strongest asset

Find and keep the people you need

Forrest Personnel is a FREE, recruitment agency for people with a health condition, disability or injury.

Save time and money and take the hassles out of finding and keeping the right staff. Let us take care of everything including the paperwork.

Tell us who you need and we’ll send you screened, work ready people keen to contribute to your business success.

If you’re at risk of losing valuable people through illness or injury we’ll help you protect their jobs.

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5 free ways we help you grow your business  

Whether you need to employ a single superstar or recruit an entire crew we’ll do it right.  We never over promise or under deliver. That’s the main reason why Western Australian businesses have relied on us to help build great teams for over 30 years. Here are five others…

We run the entire recruitment process from advertising and screening to work trials and gap training    

We’ll help you access wage subsidies of up to $10,000 for eligible employees

We’ll provide on the job support for your new staff until they’re totally confident in their role and set to grow with it

We’ll advise on and organise workplace modifications to help your staff member do their best work

We’ll keep you on our minds not just on our books, and alert you when someone with star potential for your business comes through our door

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5 priceless reasons to employ our people 

All of our job seekers have heaps of abilities. Some of them also have disabilities. Mostly we work with people who’ve bounced back from injury or illness or refuse to let their disability get between them and a job they love.

Our people will enhance your business in countless ways. Here are five of them…

They’re hardwired problem solvers – People who manage a disability or a health condition are flexible and adaptive

They’re out to impress – Grit, optimism and adaptability are our job seekers’ signature strengths along with loyalty and dependability. You and your customers can rely on the staff we send you to work hard at being the best possible person for the job

They’re successful everywhere  – Because they’re curious and they relish a challenge. They work in mining and retail and customer service and administration. You’ll find them in hospitality and landscaping and childcare and aged care

Their stories are inspiring – We recruit staff from all backgrounds and all ages and they have amazing stories

They’re already your colleagues and customers  – 1 in 5 Australians has a disability or a health condition. Chances are these Australians already support your business. As well as being your customers they’re probably your neighbours or friends or part of your family. Employing staff who reflect your community makes sound business sense

We’re ready when you are

If you’ve got vacancies, we’ve got job-ready candidates. 

If you’re planning to expand, tell us who you’ll need.

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Local jobs for local people

Forrest Personnel is a community owned and operated not for profit disability employment service . We’re proud of our deep Western Australian roots and we lead by example in providing real jobs for local people. Over 30% of our talented team started with us as jobseekers.

If we sound like the kind of high integrity recruitment agency you need. Let’s get to work.

Here’s what other employers are saying about the staff they have employed through Forrest Personnel.

We believe in talent and tenacity not labels and limits. Here’s what our employers say about their talented staff who also happen to have a disability.